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Paris, November 21, 2019


VistaKlub announces the official launch of its immersive, collaborative and disruptive data analytics solution: "Immersive Analytics"


Today Big Data generates a real Data Deluge even though data analysis has become essential for all companies. On the occasion of the Big Data World Paris conference on November 27th & 28th, VistaKlub invites you to discover its "Immersive Analytics" solution during a conference and a live demo.


The analysis of data via conventional terminals is no longer up to the challenges. It is essential for businesses and organizations to have a quick vision and understanding of data to facilitate analysis. 


After 3 years of R & D, VistaKlub has created its "Immersive Analytics" solution offering a completely new user experience through 3D immersion and natural and intuitive interactions.


Immersive- The "Immersive Analytics" solution allows you to visualize complex data in multi-dimensional and immersive way, a real dive into your data at 360 °.


Collaborative- The Immersive Analytics solution allows you to interact in real time with your employees, partners and customers, to speed up decision-making processes.


It maximizes the ability to acquire and understand information by changing the paradigm. At Vistaklub, we are convinced of the usefulness of our cognitive senses. The augmented, virtual and mixed realities are now mature for that. Our vision and ambition is that the next challenge is to create a new way to visualize, analyze and interact intuitively and naturally with the data.


The advantages of our "Immersive Analytics" solution


Our disruptive solution allows to request any data source, to display the data to display them via augmented, mixed and virtual realities from any type of equipment, to manipulate data by voice and gestures, and collaborate in real time, on different equipment from different manufacturers (Hololens, Magic Leap, DreamWorld, Meta2, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet).


VistaKlub has already produced 2 demonstrators with "Immersive Analytics", for the Societe Generale Group, with analyzes of the communications between the banking applications to make the impact analysis and for BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES with analyzes of the monitoring of the financial transactions of the group .


To discover "Immersive Analytics", find us Porte de Versailles on Stand D80 on 27 & 28/11 and 27/11 at 14:15 for a conference and a live demo.

For more information, visit our website: https://www.vistaklub.comTo request a demo, contact us:


About VistaKlub:


VistaKlub is a young start-up created in February 2019 to continue the development and commercialization of the "Immersive Analytics" solution initiated by DataKlub.


Both VistaKlub and DataKlub are part of the AllInKlub group. The group benefits from Big Data expertise for 5 years with DataKlub, expert on the SPLUNK solution at more than 25 key accounts in the Banking / Finance sectors (BNP PARIBAS, Societe Generale, Exane, Crédit Agricole Titres, OFI-AM), Transportation (Airbus, Air France, Geodis, Autolib), Industry and Energy (Lectra, Veolia Water, ENGIE, Ineo), Services (Prosodie, Spie) and Institutions (OECD, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior, ANSSI).


Contact :

Tony ALIBELLI: +33684980028


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